Mar 262012

An Iron View Inspection Blog Post by Jim Bodnarchuk

On Your Mark…Get Set…Get Ready….GET Your Fans Going!!!

Whoa! We’ve experienced and welcomed the record warm temperatures for five days longer than expected. Where are those so called Thunder Storms? Had a taste on Thursday evening, March 22 with 2 large rumbles in as clouds darkened the sky around dinner- time bringing a half hour of spitting, couldn’t even call it a sprinkle, in the Mississauga region. A balmy breezy evening continued into the night.

Apparently the Jet Stream has split. That is the reason for the unseasonably high temperatures we have been experiencing. Yet just an hour north of us and much closer to the lakes the weather has been beating down   the rain, wind and lightning storms, hail and sleet. This has increased the humidity in our GTA, 83% last night and climbing. 

This kind of weather also increases the “Nasty’s” that come with high humidity; fungi, mold, bugs, the wood boring types. We’ve seen an increase in carpenter ants this week. Last year was considered an epidemic year by pest controllers. This year they have a head start.

Reduce humidity in your home by running kitchen and bathroom fans, opening windows when the breezes are blowing, keeping windows closed during high fog and smog days and staying on top of any leaky situations.  Replace damp or rotting wood on decks or any entrances into your home like doorways, windows, soffits and fascia too. 

~ Be As Informed As You Can Be~

Mar 152012

A post by Jim Bodnarchuk, Iron View Inspections

AAHHH New Life, Colour, Sound…and a few things we don’t want around. We really have had a pleasant winter here in the GTA 2011-2012, even though there have been more grey days than sunny ones. Spring is only a few weeks away. However, it looks like it is going to come in and go out like a Lion.  Both environment Canada and the Farmer’s Almanac are calling for squally, stormy, weather the next few months, bringing strong winds and heavy thunder showers and a few more snow flurries at the end of March. We will experience storms from the east, from the west and across the Great Lakes. This means a lot of moisture along with driving winds is going to hit our properties and homes in these next two months.

According to the forecast we are not going to dip to the freezing point during this time but we will have only a few weeks, March 12-15 and April 4-7, where fair weather makes a pit stop. You might want to consider cleaning out the gutters and eves troughs on those fair weather days, as well as make sure extensions on downspouts are intact to allow good flow of water away from the foundations of your home. Gather up and discard of any rotting leaf debris away from your home too.

Be sure any wood surfaces have good ventilation around them.  And get rid of any rotting shrubs and trees too. Damp wood attracts pesky boring insects. You may have already experienced those tiny non-boring ants and spiders that are creeping in to visit in search of food, with the ensuing warming temperatures. The boring species will not be far behind. The damage they do can be very costly.

Spring storms give you a chance to observe whether your property grades are away from the buildings you inhabit and flowing toward the roads and streets. Watch for water pooling or for any leaks in foundations, roofs, doors or windows. These are the things you want to be aware of and remedy ASAP because this is the season when mold spores flourish, along with those little critters and you don’t want to be spending any fine weather to follow, making major repairs when you could be tending to the minor ones now. You also don’t want the head ache of compromising your health due to poor air quality in your living environment. This is the time of year that mold allergies increase because the spores “wake up”.

Spring heralds in signs of new life, evident everywhere in nature and our living and working environments. Watch for insect, rodent, fungal and mold infestations. Be watchful for the signs of rising damp, structural damp, as well as small leaks in the envelop of your environment, so you can remedy them before summer  so you can “sing a song of cheer”  as you “roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.”                      

~Be As Informed As You Can Be~

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