Nov 222013

Received November 2013

We want to thank you for our new home inspection that Jim performed.

Jim is a true expert, he did a fantastic job. We were amazed by his professionalism and knowledge.

He explained clearly all the findings in a great detail and shared a lot of preventive maintenance tips.

Rob & Iva

Jun 172013

Thank you for the email Cathy. This is my 4th home and I have never received this type of introduction. Very pleased.

We really appreciate the discount since we have already some major expenses when we move into the house…. I.e. water softener and fridge.

We will be there for 5pm in our rain suits. J The contact # is correct. That is my cell.

Thank you,

Danielle Horst, LEED Green Associate

Project Coordinator, PCL Constructors Canada Inc

Nov 012012

October 2012 has been one of the coldest and rainiest since our move to the GTA three years ago.  We learned all about Hurricane Hazel this past weekend as the media recounted that 1950’s storm, while reporting that Hurricane Sandy blew torrential winds and rain through the GTA.  Power for thousands was cut as fallen trees, hydro lines and minimal flooding wreaked destruction on many homes and properties. The storm also took 2 lives in the GTA due to flying debris. Our hearts go out to all who have suffered.

As an Inspection company Iron View seeks positive ways to get around the limitations imposed by weather conditions or lack of access in order to offer the most thorough observations for our clients. Such conditions can occur at any time hindering safe access for observation reporting, even when there is no destructive storm.

We recently inspected a tiny 40+ aged bungalow in the centre of Toronto on a Monday in mid- October of this year. It was well before Hurricane Sandy whirled through. There had been a steady light rain with fog and drizzle causing high humidity ranging from 88% to 98% a few days prior to as well as on the day of Inspection. The saturation of the structure and surrounding landscape presented safety issues for setting ladders and walking roofs. However the wet conditions afforded positive benefits for the inspector when checking for leaks and humidity issues, of which he found none in the home on that day. The home was dry and cozy.

Our Inspector did note to the seller who was present during the Pre-Listing service being performed, that the roof was very old and probably in need of replacement soon. The seller agreed. The Inspector noted this information on the report and specified there was a missing shingle that should be attended soon to deter rotting of the sheathing. The inspector asked where the attic hatch might be since he had not observed one during the inspection. He wanted to see if there was any leaking present or signs of rot on the roof sheathing beneath the shingles. There was no access to the attic available.

Although the slope and pitch of the roof did not pose a problem for the Inspector to walk it; the age, slippery condition, loose shingles and potential to cause damage to the roof and injury to him cautioned him to safe practice. He opted to climb his ladder in the drizzle only to the roof edge, used his high powered binoculars and photographed the missing shingle which was easily visible from the ground without visual aids. He also did a moisture check on the interior ceiling area near where the shingle was missing. He found no signs of deterioration on the ceiling and no moisture registered in that area of the ceiling.

After the observations were made and the inspector consulted with the seller concerning his findings, the seller admitted knowing about the missing shingle for quite a while adding plans to have it repaired before listing the home. The seller also mentioned during the review of findings, that the neighbours were going to have their roof replaced in a few weeks. The seller was going to ask those roofers to look at the loose and missing shingles. The seller also informed the inspector that the siding was new because the insurance company would not insure the home when it was bought since it was originally covered by asbestos shingles. The inspector informed the seller that this information could not be documented in his report since he did not observe the asbestos shingles  under the siding nor could he report what the seller was intending to do with roof repairs. Rather our inspector suggested the seller have their Realtor disclose that information to prospective buyers.

The home was listed with an open house viewing just 5 days following the inspection. Rain and wind continued throughout that week and weekend. The seller made copies and sent e-mails for prospective buyers during the open house. The seller told the inspector during a follow up call  that the Open House was a success with 5 offers being made. The house was sold within ten days. Then…the seller’s satisfied tone changed admonishing our inspector;

”The roofers replacing the neighbours roof told us that you missed the hole in my roof where the missing shingle was and insulation was sticking out of that hole. This could have been a deal breaker.”

Our Inspector reminder the seller about the consultation they had on the day of inspection when the seller informed him about knowing about the missing shingle for quite some time before the inspection took place. He reminded the seller that the roof was inaccessible for safe observation on the day of inspection and that he noted those findings in the report along with up close and very clear photos showing no signs of a hole or insulation protruding where the shingle was missing on the day of inspection. He had done his due diligence within the parameters of safety with regard to weather conditions and lack of access. Then he asked;

“Did you disclose this information and your intentions for repair to the buyer?”

 The seller thanked the inspector for his report and hung up. We encourage all parties, sellers, buyers, realtors and inspectors to due diligence. Ask as many questions of the realtors and inspectors that you can, keep a record of the answers and educate yourselves to the limitations that conditions affecting safety dictates.  Although limitations present challenges they also present opportunity to find positive solutions. Iron View Inspections is dedicated to taking a Solid Look for clients and backing it with Honesty, Openness and Willing to report findings as thoroughly as possible.

~Be As Informed As You Can Be~

Sep 142011

We first contacted Iron View Inspections prior to the purchase of our new home as we were concerned about the air quality and thought the house may have smelled like cigarette smoke. From the first time we contacted Iron View Inspections we were very impressed and happy with the level of customer service and general concern of our inquiry and were explained to, in great detail, about their Ozonation process and it’s method for removing such odors from the house, if that was in fact what was required.

We were told that Jim could come out to the property first and inspect it to see if the ozonation machines were required if we decided to purchase the house and upon further conversation we found out that Jim also performed Home Inspections so we decide to have Jim perform the home inspection and also check if the odor was cigarette smoke. Jim was very friendly and professional and took the time to inspect the house thoroughly and also notify us that the odor was not cigarette smoke but since the house had been closed up for some time it just needed fresh air and so the ozonation machines were not required.

At the time of the inspection Jim went over, in detail, some of his findings and also gave us some helpful hints regarding the house and how to best care for it. Later, Jim sent us the full report including pictures and reminders of his hints so we can refer back to them in the future. We did, in fact, purchase the house.

We were very impressed with Iron View Inspections, very happy with our decision to have them perform the home inspection and we would readily recommend Iron View Inspections to anyone in the future.

~Angela, Toronto

Jul 042011

Iron View Inspections has been a reliable source for many of my clients and I will continue to refer them to future home buyers and investors. Jim is readily available and I have been able to count on him to perform numerous inspections for my clients, including myself. Jim is thorough in his inspections and provides advice on property maintenance along with simple tips to help “regular/everyday” people understand complex issues.

William Dos Santos, MBA
Sales Representative

Royal LePage Supreme Realty, Brokerage

1245 Dupont St. Mezzanine. Toronto, ON. M6H2A6

Mar 142011

An expert is someone widely recognized as a reliable source of or skill whose faculty for judging or deciding rightly, justly, or wisely is accorded authority and status by their peers or the public in a specific well-distinguished domain.

More and more property and home investors are being counseled to find an Inspector prior to hiring the realtor. That is because researching an inspector takes time. It used to be the norm to call for an inspector within the 3 to 5 days following an offer on a home or commercial property. An inspection was recommended by a realtor as a condition prior to purchase of a home or building. A good realtor will always recommend and inspection. Three to five days offers little time to learn whether an inspector will do the job you want them to do.

Some inspectors advise that you learn how long an inspector has been in the inspection business. However, the media daily exposes inspectors who have been around for up to 20 years who are not performing thorough inspections. Some of those inspectors claim to have engineering accreditation but do they have hands on building experience affording them reliable, skilled, judgment? Iron View Inspections believes that it isn’t how long you have been in the inspections business that tells the quality of the service. Rather it is more important to learn the following, when researching an inspector. Use the following questions as a checklist to help you select the inspector that’s right for you when you’re building your team of real estate professionals.

  • How much experience does the inspector have in the construction industry?
  • How much experience has been spent over seeing and inspecting the work of building trades?
  • Is the inspector a certified member of an accredited inspections association?
  • Can the inspector provide reference for past inspections and proof of registration?

Iron View Inspections has been performing home and commercial building inspections for a few years in the GTA. We are building a reputation for excellence and satisfaction with 28 years of experience in the construction industry, from demo to foundation to finishing work, supervising and inspecting the trades through every aspect of building and maintenance. We adhere to provincial building codes. We are certified and we continue to expand our knowledge through education and technology. We are reliable, skilled, judges concerning all facets in the inspections domain.
Call us today to ask for our references.

Mar 182010

This is our 1st testimonial from a very happy customer, don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in the same level of great service from our staff.

“I had never heard of the ozonation process and it’s benefits so I thought I’d try it inside my car. What a difference it made! It was fast and left my car smelling much better having the musty smell removed. I’d recommend anyone who struggles with asthma and allergies like myself to try this out – you’ll be amazed with the difference”. SK – Kitchener, ON

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