Here it is folks. The 3rd in the series of The Do’s and The Dont’s, requirements of a property inspector.  Structure = the bones of the building. If the Iron View Inspections Inc. inspector thinks  the structure is compromised and an engineer or architect is required to  investigate further, theContinue Reading

Have you been anticipating the 2nd of this series: The Do’s and Don’ts of the requirements of a property inspector? ~Be As Fully Informed As You Can Be~ An inspector is required to: Observe and Report *(O&R) Perform Task **(PT) Floors, walls, ceilings and trim. *(O&R) Fire separating walls andContinue Reading

A client should be aware of what an inspector is required to do and not required to do. It is important to keep in mind that the inspector will not move furnishings, draperies or window coverings, or push plant materials aside. Nor will the inspector move obstructions to windows, doors,Continue Reading