Fall seems to be a popular time to decorate and renovate our homes. Spruce ’em up in time for the upcoming Festive seasons. Sales on Reno material is proof, especially for the DIY’s at this time of year. Before tackling any home improvement, especially in closed quarters, you may wantContinue Reading

We first contacted Iron View Inspections prior to the purchase of our new home as we were concerned about the air quality and thought the house may have smelled like cigarette smoke. From the first time we contacted Iron View Inspections we were very impressed and happy with the levelContinue Reading

As we’ve been experiencing this past week in the GTA, these months can be very harsh with unpredictable weather changes from heavy rains to gale force winds and some very humid days in between. At this time you will probably discover issues like leaky roofs or windows, dampness in theContinue Reading