Electricity Kills The primary responsibility for a home inspector, when evaluating electrical systems in the home, is the safety of himself and his clients, both at the time of inspection and after they move into the property. This is also one of the few areas which most home inspectors wouldContinue Reading

Although Spring officially began March 20, 2014 we still had a few mini blizzards and ice storms to contend with in the GTA. March winds did not start blowing in until the first week of April. Blue skies, sunny days and  welcome warm wind storms along with evening showers ofContinue Reading

The success of Iron View Inspections, due to our customer responses, inspires us to continue with our Good Will Offerings program for another year. Buyers, Realtors and Sellers benefit in numerous ways. ~ Continuing In the Spirit of Giving to all our referring Agents and Clients who cultivate our Growth~Continue Reading

Received November 2013 We want to thank you for our new home inspection that Jim performed. Jim is a true expert, he did a fantastic job. We were amazed by his professionalism and knowledge. He explained clearly all the findings in a great detail and shared a lot of preventiveContinue Reading

Fall Settles over GTA with Rising Real Estate Reports Fall came early to the GTA 2013. Chilly evenings hit us in mid to late August. Record day time highs followed as the first few weeks of September brought us out to the beaches again. The last few weeks of September Continue Reading

Spring came late to the GTA and with it came unusually humid weather following an unusually moist and precipitous winter. Along with this weather and influx of home sales, already reaching multiple bid proportions, came the unusually high call for Air Quality, Asbestos and Mold Inspections. Home sellers and buyersContinue Reading