We first contacted Iron View Inspections prior to the purchase of our new home as we were concerned about the air quality and thought the house may have smelled like cigarette smoke. From the first time we contacted Iron View Inspections we were very impressed and happy with the level of customer service and general concern of our inquiry and were explained to, in great detail, about their Ozonation process and it’s method for removing such odors from the house, if that was in fact what was required.

We were told that Jim could come out to the property first and inspect it to see if the ozonation machines were required if we decided to purchase the house and upon further conversation we found out that Jim also performed Home Inspections so we decide to have Jim perform the home inspection and also check if the odor was cigarette smoke. Jim was very friendly and professional and took the time to inspect the house thoroughly and also notify us that the odor was not cigarette smoke but since the house had been closed up for some time it just needed fresh air and so the ozonation machines were not required.

At the time of the inspection Jim went over, in detail, some of his findings and also gave us some helpful hints regarding the house and how to best care for it. Later, Jim sent us the full report including pictures and reminders of his hints so we can refer back to them in the future. We did, in fact, purchase the house.

We were very impressed with Iron View Inspections, very happy with our decision to have them perform the home inspection and we would readily recommend Iron View Inspections to anyone in the future.

~Angela, Toronto

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