Shorter days, cooler evenings, less sunlight all make for a beautiful transition from summer into fall. The brilliance has just begun. Take advantage of the next few weeks where enough sunshine and warm afternoons still allow you to perform all those maintenance tasks in preparation for winter. Clean, re-caulk andContinue Reading

An Iron View Inspection Blog Post by Jim Bodnarchuk On Your Mark…Get Set…Get Ready….GET Your Fans Going!!! Whoa! We’ve experienced and welcomed the record warm temperatures for five days longer than expected. Where are those so called Thunder Storms? Had a taste on Thursday evening, March 22 with 2 largeContinue Reading

Warmer temperatures, a little rain, balmy breezes during the day and a few evening winds to dry it all up. Crocus and Hyacinth graced us some bloom. First signs of spring are all but buried now a few weeks later, colder temperatures, blizzard conditions that left the GTA wondering ifContinue Reading

It’s used in North American Medical Operating Rooms, Food industry, Water Treatment. It’s Even used in European Medicine, in Your Body.  Why Not Your Home???? The Bed Bug infestation in Toronto has been a huge focus in all forms of media the last few years. Lately it is the hypeContinue Reading

Iron View Inspections is committed to continuing education, professional development and dialogue concerning Air Quality, Home and Property Inspections. Ozone is a natural occurring element of fresh air. It exists in the protective ozone layer created by ultraviolet rays of the sun reacting with the Earth’s upper atmosphere. It canContinue Reading