As we’ve been experiencing this past week in the GTA, these months can be very harsh with unpredictable weather changes from heavy rains to gale force winds and some very humid days in between. At this time you will probably discover issues like leaky roofs or windows, dampness in the basement, gutters that need repair. You will want to get on top of these issues before the colder winter months. Check the following to be sure your home will be the warm, safe haven you return to after a day at work.

  • Service your heating system -every two years for gas – every year for oil. Your GAS co. can set up a heating protection plan with you.
  • Clean furnace humidifiers or disconnect and use a portable room humidifier to add years to the life of your furnace
  • Check the circulating pump for rust, clean and lubricate, on your Hydronic heating system
  • Bleed air and sludge from Hot water radiators using installed bleed valves
  • Disconnect electrical to Forced Air furnaces and clean fan blades. Check fan belt or blower drum for wear and correct any loose parts.
  • Check and clean or replace filters every month
  • Disconnect electrical feed to baseboard heaters before removing the covers and vacuuming. Check for damaged fins or electrical connections.
  • Remove floor or wall grills of Forced Air systems and vacuum. If dirt is heavy consider calling in a professional duct cleaning co.
  • Clean filters and cores of heat recovery ventilators then pour water down the condensate drain to test it if it has been off for the summer.
  • Clean any portable humidifiers.
  • If you are on Well water have it tested for bacteria every six months.

As with all mechanicals follow your manufacturers guide lines for all maintenance requirements.

Get ready to enjoy the indoors this coming season as much as you have the outdoors this summer.

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