The success of Iron View Inspections inspires us to continue with our Good Will Offerings program making adjustments for equitable prosperity.  We initiated this program 4-1/2 years ago during the Christmas season, running our tracking system and paying it forward to all our customers; clients and realtors alike. We’ve had quite an experience learning which of our customers are reciprocal.  Buyers, Realtors and Sellers as well as Iron View Inspections will continue to benefit in numerous ways with fair revisions. Looking forward to continued successful relationships that foster reciprocity. When you value others you show them that they are worthy of respect for their; knowledge, service and time.

Thanking all our customers for continued patronage.

~ Continuing in the ‘Spirit of Giving’ to all our Customers; Referring Agents and Clients who cultivate our Growth~

“There is one word which may serve as a rule of practice for all one’s life. RECIPROCITY” – Confucius

***All Realtor Agents – Refer and book 10 Full Home – Pre-Delivery, Pre-Lisiting, Pre-Purchase or Maintenance Inspections and offer 11th Free to your clients (Promo expires May 30, 2018) ***

*** All Clients – Receive Thermal Imaging + ReCallChek + 90 Day Warranty with above mentioned Home Inspections – Free**

* Along with the ReCallChek service, Clients will receive a monthly ReCallTrak e-newsletter informing them of important home ownership tips and allowing clients to update new and smaller appliances for safety checks at no extra charge.

* All Realtors benefit from Free ReCall Trak e-newsletters e-mailed monthly to the realtor and their clients through Iron View. The bonus is your ability to set up marketing for your business at no charge, at the top of the newsletter. Iron View will instruct you on how this will increase your exposure if you wish to access this venue.

All customers; clients and realtors alike; Please contact Iron View Inspections  at 905-302-9903 for more Info. on how you can offer RecallCheck and Thermal imaging without inspection, for your friends and families at minimal fees.

~Be As Informed As You Can Be~

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