A post by Jim Bodnarchuk, Iron View Inspections

With the rain, sleet, snow and wind, hitting us these last few weeks and about to continue for the next month, those of us in the GTA are seeking the heat in more ways than one.

For those who will not be traveling to drier, warmer climates, we will be using our hot water heater to the max. It is a good time to be checking out our hot water heaters that are functioning to capacity during this season. We are taking those extra-long hot showers and baths as well as doing more laundry due to soiled snow pants, jackets, mitts and towels. If we are traveling we want to make sure our tanks are in optimum condition so as not to return to leaky connections.

Look for corrosion, rust, loose fittings. If any of these are present with your appliance call a heating technician to inspect and remedy the issues. Consult the owner manual for your hot water tank then carefully drain off a dishpan full of water from the clean-out valve at the bottom of your tank to control sediment and maintain efficiency.

You can also checkout the  CMHC website for more tips on home maintenance during the winter months.

~Be As Informed As You Can Be~

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