Have you been anticipating the 2nd of this series: The Do’s and Don’ts of the requirements of a property inspector?

~Be As Fully Informed As You Can Be~

An inspector is required to: Observe and Report *(O&R) Perform Task **(PT)

  • Floors, walls, ceilings and trim. *(O&R)
  • Fire separating walls and party walls. *(O&R)
  • Stairs, guards and railings. *(O&R)
  • Observe condition of permanently installed counters and cabinets. *(O&R)
  • Observe and report on any evidence of water penetration and condensation. *(O&R)
  • The presence of smoke detectors. *(O&R)
  • Randomly select and operate where reasonably accessible a representative number of doors and windows. **(PT)

An inspector is not required to: Observe and Report *(O&R) Perform Task **(PT)

  • Treatments such as paint, wallpaper, carpeting, blind, drapes, and other similar treatments. *(O&R)
  • Kitchen, bathroom, and laundry appliances. *(O&R)
  • Observe fireplace insert installation. *(O&R)
  • Solid fuel burning appliances, including fireplaces and wood stoves. *(O&R)
  • Any items or facilities not directly related to the interior systems and components such as swimming pools, saunas, hot tubs, ponds and water falls. *(O&R)
  • Move furniture, stored items, or any coverings like carpets or rugs in order to inspect the concealed floor structure. *(PT)
  • Move drop-ceiling tiles. *(PT)
  • Operate or examine any sauna, steam-jenny, kiln, toaster, plug-in kitchen appliances, or other ancillary devices. *(PT)
  • Inspect elevators. *(O&R)
  • Inspect remote controls.*(O&R)
  • Inspect appliances. *(O&R)
  • Inspect items not permanently installed. *(O&R)
  • Examine or operate any above ground, movable, freestanding, or non-permanently installed pool/spa, recreational equipment or self-contained equipment. *(O&R)
  • Sources: InterNACHI & Inspect4U

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