It’s used in North American Medical Operating Rooms, Food industry, Water Treatment. It’s Even used in European Medicine, in Your Body.  Why Not Your Home????

The Bed Bug infestation in Toronto has been a huge focus in all forms of media the last few years. Lately it is the hype in every facet of news.  It seems that remedies for controlling the problem revolve around pesticide usage or ‘baking’ premises where melting of valuables and possibility of fire destruction can occur.  Health Canada sites as well as environmental spokes person’s still resort to the familiar pesticide use which usually must to be performed a number of times, to ward off recurring infestation. This solution has not been preventative.

These treatments are equally as dangerous to individual’s health and the safety of their living environments as are pest infestations. The Professionals most heard in the Canadian media have not seemed to offer any definitive recommendation leaning toward a greener, non-chemical, less environmentally hazardous, maybe more effective way of solving the problem.

Ozonation or Ozone shock treatment is used regularly world-wide in industrial and medical facilities to sanitize: air, transported foods, environments and kill bacteria, viruses, insects and small pests. In Europe ozone is widely used in the treatment of certain diseases also. During a residential ozone treatment for air purification and odour treatment, it is mandatory that plants, pets and people be vacated for at least a 24 hour time line (not unlike the pesticide and heat treatments). Does it stand to reason that if Ozone Shock could kill plants, pets and human beings, it would also kill vermin? When applied by a trained operator, in an unoccupied space, it is safe.

When considering Ozonation, as with any other treatment mentioned above, it is always highly recommended to use a certified generator operator, rather than do it yourself. Give Iron View Inspections a call.  Ozonation could be your least toxic, building material friendly, remedy?

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