Fall Settles over GTA with Rising Real Estate Reports

Fall came early to the GTA 2013. Chilly evenings hit us in mid to late August. Record day time highs followed as the first few weeks of September brought us out to the beaches again. The last few weeks of September  advanced autumn officially. Leaves began turning colour,  gently floating into eves troughs , fireplaces and  furnaces  were booting up to warm our evenings  and cozy our chilly nights. It was time to cover up and put the A/C units to bed before winter swoops down on us.

Before winter officially hits we took time to breath and be thankful for what we’ve had and what is yet to come. The last few weeks of October finds us  increasing our layers and bundling up , increasing our chores and maintenance as we  climb up to clean out gutters,  closing up our cottages and packing up our camping gear. We prepare for the increasingly colder season. The  gusty winds have already been rising up to announce the snow that is flying just a few miles north of us.

Fall in the GTA brought with it an increase in housing transaction activity which resulted in a rise in Maintenance Inspections as well as Pre-Listing Inspections for Iron View. Maintenance inspections help home owners determine what needs attention before harsher weather is upon us. Sellers are  also savvy to the idea. Pre- Listing Inspections provide the seller with information on how to prepare and stage the house for quick sale. These inspections are also a bonus for buyers who will not have to incur that extra cost of inspection as a condition of sale.

GTA REALTORS® Release Mid-Month Resale Housing Figures
September 17, 2013 — Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 3,158 transactions through the Toronto MLS system during the first 14 days of September 2013.  This result was up by 29 per cent in comparison to September 2012.  Sales were up for all major home types on a year-over-year basis.  The condominium apartment segment led the way with strong sales growth in the City of Toronto.

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