Have you noticed lately that weather announcers are not standing by any of their predictions?  They have been suggesting to prepare for anything as a possibility. Environment Canada is calling for a very dry summer. That is yet to be seen.

So far the humidity levels in the GTA and surrounding areas have been up during this early start to summer.  The long weekend  in May was evidence of that. We at Iron View Inspections recommend preparing for anything.

On the days when humidity is up, use your fans to keep air circulating and to keep the moisture at bay.  Keep windows closed on those days too.

On dry days when humidity is low and breezes are cool, open windows, while at home. Nothing beats fresh air circulating our breathing spaces. Be cautious though, especially if you suffer from allergies. If you do have family members who suffer from seasonal allergies, keep those windows closed at all times, keep  the A/C running around 72-73 Fahrenheit  for optimum comfort and make sure your furnace filters are changed regularly,  as they are catching the pollen  and molds you bring in on your clothes and shoes.

If you haven’t performed Spring maintenance, make time to do it before the weather is so brutally hot you won’t want to. This is the best way to keep your investment in top condition and the place you call home a place of which you can be proud.

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