It’s that time of year again, registration, equipment drives. We’re buying equipment  for our children and ourselves that is permeated with another person’s bacteria. No matter how much you wash it it smells. That is because the bacteria from that other persons sweat has just dried up in the equipment. Iron View Inspections has a way to rid not just the odour but zap that old dry bacteria, any viruses or mildew out of the equipment. We use an ozone shock UV simulator. It will not only freshen up the equipment but it will sanitize it. This method is used in water treatment plants, the food industry, as well as hospital operating rooms to sanitize air and equipment and kill bacteria, viruses and vermin.

Don’t discard it. Rejuvenate it. Start your sports season Fresh.
You can recycle one individuals equipment for another season and save hundreds of dollars.

Call JIM Your OZONATOR for more details. 1-416-241-4324 or toll free 1-888-449-4324.

Iron View also sanitizes the air in sports complex dressing rooms. Call us today for more details.

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