Fall seems to be a popular time to decorate and renovate our homes. Spruce ’em up in time for the upcoming Festive seasons. Sales on Reno material is proof, especially for the DIY’s at this time of year. Before tackling any home improvement, especially in closed quarters, you may want to be cautious.

Check your Home Inspection reports for any mention of possible materials that may become hazardous to your healthy environment. Although the inspector cannot say for sure from a visual perspective, he is bound, by ethics, to record the possibility of such materials. A good inspector will be aware of what materials may be hazardous if disturbed.

For example;… When purchasing a home, apartment building or business property that was built before 1970 it is important to note the possibility of materials that may contain Asbestos. It is a well-known fact, documented by Toronto Public Health and the Canadian Centre or Occupational Health and Safety, that there is a good chance that asbestos was used in adhesives, plasters, some insulators and outside wall tiles and most often in darker vinyl flooring, especially in buildings over 50 years old.

If the flooring and walls have been well maintained there is little issue or risk for being exposed to Asbestos contamination. But if these materials are in need of repair or replacement it is best to have them tested for a minimal fee of $50-100 dollars at local labs and take the proper precautions before renovating to ensure health and safety regulations are adhered too and to minimize exposure to Asbestos dust. There are regulations for hired contractors that must be

followed if renovations need to take place in commercial or industrial buildings and apartments with 4 or more units. These abatements could be costly. Any company or contractor hired to renovate or perform work in a building must ensure that they take all of the legislated safety precautions required if asbestos has been found or is even suspected in the work area. The legislation applies to building owners with more than four units and those individuals who work for them.

Building owners, and those contracted by them, must determine whether or not the material they will be working on, material that will be damaged during a renovation, contains asbestos. Working in an environment where asbestos is present without an asbestos management program or the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is illegal and puts workers and passers-by in danger. Employers and owners who fail to take the appropriate safety measures can face significant penalties. Even more importantly, when working without these abatements or precautions, exposure to friable asbestos can lead to Asbestos disease that won’t manifest until many years have passed.

As a private home owner these legislations are not enforced. However, we at Iron View Inspections petition you to be just as precautionary in your living environment and consider the risks to you, your family and the surrounding neighbours. Check out the following sites for further information.

~Be As informed as you can be~

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