The GTA is one of those areas were moisture can and at some point will become a problem in
living environments if not kept under control. Our city and surrounding area radiates above the
lake and is inundated by rivers and creeks and surrounded by farmland, orchards and vineyard
of the Green Belt. All these environments create for a lot of moisture in the air. Our exceptionally
hot, humid summers where a continual flow of air-conditioned interiors pitted against the heated
exteriors lend to a saturation of moisture in interior air, in homes and places of business.

Older homes built in these regions without proper vapour barriers, thermal insulation and newer
air exchange systems and may have earthen floors and crawl spaces, will find sweating of the
envelope to be a problem. More often than not however, moisture issues develop from within
the home than from the exterior. Newer built homes may find they have even more moisture
problems due to moisture evaporation of the newer building materials including the everyday
use of convenience appliances. If moisture is not controlled, insulation may become damp and
effectiveness will be compromised. If you find wooden floors buckling, gypsum clammy to the
touch, paint peeling, you probably have too much moisture in your environment.

Having your home inspected on a regular basis and budgeting in maintenance checks on HVAC
and air quality is the best way to protect your biggest investment from moisture problems. A
knowledgeable Inspector can offer solutions to your particular living and working environment,
eliminating headaches that may creep up during winter months. A time of year you do not want to
be dealing with messy repairs.

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