Air Conditioning (A/C) Tips for Home Owners by Jim Bodnarchuk

Now that you have you’re A/C unit up and running for the first time this year, you may have noticed
the unit is not functioning well. It may be making a strange noise or not emitting the cool air it did
last year. Consider the age of the unit before calling for a technician. It may cost more to repair a unit
than to purchase a new, more energy efficient one. It may be in your best interest to upgrade, as per
government regulations.

Most units built before 2006 are not energy efficient and have a rating of 10 SEER (Seasonal Energy
Efficient Rate). Government regulations mandate manufactures to produce a more efficient unit due
to the high cost and consumption of electricity. If your unit is rating 10 SEER or lower you really should
consider a new one. As of January 2011, and up until December 2011, Ontario is offering rebates up to
$650.00 as incentive to install an energy efficient – Energy Star A/C unit.

The next generation of A/C units is 13 – 17 SEER. If your unit meets these standards and you are still
not satisfied with the performance of your unit, then definitely call the heating/cooling company.
Whether buying new or calling for repair and maintenance make sure to:

  • Call 3 to 4 different companies to compare unit as well as pricing
  • Ask which manufactures model they supply and the pricing of each. Sometimes the cheaper price is not always the best price.
  • Consider the noise level of the unit asking for the report on the noise output. The higher the dBA (decibel) rating the louder it will be. The higher the RPM (revolutions per minute) rating the higher the pitch will be.
  • Ask if the same coil in your furnace and supply lines can be reused. This depends on the manufacture specification.
  • Ask the various companies if they have a maintenance or warranty program. This will help prolong the life of your A/C Unit. Most companies will back up the purchase with their warranty to service and protect your unit and make sure it is running at optimum efficiency.

Remember to Be cool this summer.
~Be as informed as you can be~

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